Suspenders have made their way beyond gentlemen’s outfit to a baby bodysuit. They add to the charm and cuteness of your baby’s dresses and go well with the occasions like a baby shower. And the good thing is that you can make them at home. They are easy to make.

All you need to explore these DIY tips for adding ribbon suspenders to a baby bodysuit.

What You Need…

  • Tape-on Ribbon
  • Iron
  • Gauge
  • 2 D Rings


Take Measurement and Cut Ribbon Accordingly:

Place your tape-on ribbon at the front of the baby bodysuit. Measure it from the shoulder seam to the bottom. Now, dot the mark at the appropriate length adding one inch. Cut from that mark. Repeat the same thing with another ribbon.

Peel-off the Ribbon and Twist their Ends:

Now, peel off the ribbons and fold a bit from each end.

Place them On the Baby Suit:

Place them at the sides of the baby suit. Use a line gauge to make sure that the suspenders lie on the equal side. Iron them to put them into place leaving the top ends so that you can place D rings through them.

Put D rings Into the Ribbons:

You can use D Rings from Sew-Ology (item no: 755520). Mark each ribbon from the side (slightly up from the between) to pick the spot for D Ring. It can be 2-3 inches below from the shoulders. Pass D ring through the ribbon to the desired place. Once they are in place, iron the ribbon from the top. 

Your baby bodysuit with beautiful suspender is ready!

We hope that it would be easy for you to add ribbon suspenders to your little one’s onesie or body suit.

 For more detailed information, watch this video